Serengeti Levanzo 8609 Dark Grey 61mm Polariseret

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Serengeti Levanzo

These feminine sunglasses from Serengeti have an oversized design for an over stylish look. AGATA attracts attention to its glamourous shape, reminiscent of American actresses of old movies driving their convertible cars with their hair blowing carelessly in the wind. Special Features: • Frame: Nylon TR90 - Using only the highest-quality injected Nylon TR90 for superior durability, these fashionable frames have the added benefit of being exceptionally light, chemically resistant, and extremely flexible and comfortable. Nylon TR90 is featured within styles in the Sport and Nylon Series. • Lens: Ultra-light Mineral lens - LIGHTER. THINNER. BETTER THAN THE REST. A full 20% thinner and lighter, our Borosilicate mineral glass lenses are finer than any other lens. Produced in the same process normally reserved for ophthalmic-quality corrective lenses, they also provide the best visual optics in the industry. HYDROGEN-FIRED. INFUSED. PERFECTED. Each photochromic lens passes through a Hydrogen-fuelled Lehr furnace, which fuses each lens with the Spectral Control® technology - with varying temperatures that determine the proprietary lens hue. • Drivers: Launched in 1985, this ideal driving sunglass is the original and emblematic lens of Serengeti®. The amber-coloured Drivers lens naturally amplifies contrast and definition. It’s engineered to transmit and distinguish red, green and yellow colours, so they can pop in all environments. This lens provides technicolour sensations of warmth and is ideal for driving because it enhances colours and contrast, while lightening and darkening to provide optimal light transmission in any condition. Overcast to medium light conditions. Ideal for Driving and Everyday use. Available in non-polarized and polarized ultra-light mineral and Polar PhD™ 2.0 lenses. • Spectral Control technology: Molecularly infused into every Serengeti® lens. MANAGE THE LIGHT Serengeti® Spectral Control® technology fine-tunes the light waves passing through the lens, for a highly reduced blue light transmission, naturally enhanced detail and colors that pop, crisp and clear. Our Spectral Control® technology manages wavelengths to give better saturation of what we need to see. Much like an audio equalizer filters sound frequency, our lens fine tunes and filters shortwave blue light, allowing more red, green, and yellow to pass through. Landscapes that would be washed out, dull, or flat with other lenses become defined, vibrant, and vivid — while your eyes remain cool and relaxed. • Polarisation technology: CONTROL THE LIGHT Whether you’re in a high- or low-glare environment, you deserve lenses that give you the ultimate glare protection and with it, uncompromised clarity. Serengeti®’s Polarizing technology suppresses glare and sets your eyes free, releasing them to enjoy all the depth and beauty the world has to offer. When glare reflects off the road, water, snow or flat areas, parallel light rays can pass through unhindered, while distracting perpendicular light is reflected. This allows you to discover more clarity, while living free from glare and eye fatigue. *Some of our products feature non-polarized lens options, ideal for pilots flying aircraft with digital instrument panels • Photochromic technology: Molecularly infused into every Serengeti® lens. ADAPT TO LIGHT Whether crossing sun-scorched desert valleys or winding mountain roads, Serengeti® lenses perfectly adapt to changing light conditions. As the pioneer of Photochromic technology Serengeti® leads the industry in creating lenses that adapt to any light condition in any setting. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, Photochromic technology allows your eyes to adapt to any light, in any weather. The result is a view of the world so crystal clear, you’ll notice natural beauty you’ve never seen before.

Colour code: Dark Grey
Colour: Dark Grey
Lens category: 3
Lens features: Mirrored, Polarised, Photochromic

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(1) Stang:

137 mm

(2) Næsebro:

17 mm

(3) Glas:

61 mm

17 mm

61 mm

137 mm

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